Top 6 Reasons to Own a Yorkie


Are you considering getting a new four-legged companion? Look no further than a Yorkie! Yorkshire Terriers, affectionately known as Yorkies, are a popular choice for dog lovers around the world. These pint-sized bundles of energy and charm have a myriad of qualities that make them excellent pets. In this article, we will explore the top six reasons why owning a Yorkie can bring immeasurable joy and companionship to your life.

1. Adorable Appearance

With their elegant and glamorous coats, Yorkies are undeniably one of the most attractive dog breeds. The silky, long hair that cascades down their bodies in a stunning blend of gold and steel blue captivates the hearts of many. Their petite size, with an average weight of 7 pounds, makes them incredibly huggable and easy to carry around. Additionally, their big, round eyes, small button noses, and perky ears add an extra touch of cuteness to their overall appearance.

Petite Stature, Enormous Personality

Despite their small size, Yorkies possess an abundance of personality. They are known for their confidence, feistiness, and assertiveness. Their charming and larger-than-life personalities make them stand out among other small dog breeds. Yorkies have a way of capturing everyone’s attention with their charismatic presence.

2. Intelligent and Alert

Yorkies are highly intelligent dogs that possess an innate curiosity about the world around them. They have a keen ability to learn new things quickly, making them easy to train. Whether it’s potty training, basic commands, or complex tricks, Yorkies are eager to please and excel in obedience training. Their alertness and sharp senses also make them excellent watchdogs. They will sound the alarm whenever they detect something out of the ordinary, ensuring the safety of their owners and their property.

3. Affectionate Companions

If you’re looking for a loyal and devoted companion, a Yorkie fits the bill perfectly. These dogs form deep bonds with their owners and thrive on human companionship. Whether you’re watching TV, going for a walk, or sitting down to read a book, your Yorkie will be right by your side, providing love and companionship. They are known for their lap dog tendencies and will happily curl up on your lap or snuggle beside you for hours on end. You’ll never feel lonely with a Yorkie by your side.

4. Versatile and Travel-Friendly

Yorkies are highly adaptable and versatile dogs, which makes them ideal companions for various lifestyles. Despite their small size, they have an abundance of energy and love to engage in playtime and adventurous activities. Whether you live in a spacious house or a cozy apartment, a Yorkie will feel right at home as long as they receive regular exercise and mental stimulation. Additionally, their portable size allows for easy travel. They make fantastic travel companions and are more than happy to explore new places and experience new adventures with you.

5. Hypoallergenic Coats

For individuals with allergies, owning a Yorkie can be a dream come true. These adorable dogs have hypoallergenic coats that produce fewer allergens compared to other dog breeds. While no dog is completely hypoallergenic, Yorkies shed very little, reducing the amount of dander and hair that can trigger allergies. This makes them a suitable choice for people with sensitivities to pet dander.

6. Longevity and Health

Yorkies are generally a healthy breed with a long lifespan compared to other small dog breeds. With proper care and regular vet check-ups, they can live up to 15 years or more. However, it’s important to note that Yorkies, like any dog breed, can be prone to certain health issues such as dental problems, patellar luxation, and tracheal collapse. Ensuring a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and veterinary care will help keep your Yorkie happy and healthy for years to come.

“Yorkies are like a ray of sunshine in a small, furry package.” – Dog Lover’s Journal


Owning a Yorkie brings an abundance of joy, companionship, and beauty into your life. From their adorable appearance to their intelligence, loyalty, and hypoallergenic coats, Yorkies encompasses all the qualities of an exceptional pet. Their small size, versatility, and long lifespan make them an excellent choice for various lifestyles. So, if you’re ready to welcome a charming and affectionate furball into your home, consider adding a Yorkie to your family. They will undoubtedly shower you with love, laughter, and endless moments of pure happiness.

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