Top 10 Cute Haircut Ideas for Yorkies


Do you have a Yorkie who’s due for a new haircut? With their luxurious coats, Yorkies are an absolute delight to style and groom. Whether you want to keep your furry friend’s hair practical or give them a fashionable makeover, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 cute haircut ideas for Yorkies, packed with detailed descriptions and practical tips to ensure your pup looks their best.

1. The Classic Yorkie Cut

The classic Yorkie cut is timeless and showcases your pup’s elegant appearance. This haircut involves trimming the hair on the body short while leaving the head, legs, and tail with longer strands. This style not only accentuates their adorable face but also makes it easier to manage their fur.

Maintenance Tips

  • Regular brushing to prevent matting.
  • Professional grooming every 6-8 weeks.
  • Trimming hair around the eyes to ensure clear vision.

2. The Puppy Cut

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance and cute haircut for your Yorkie, the puppy cut is a fantastic option. This style involves keeping the fur short and even all over the body, reminiscent of your Yorkie’s puppy days. The puppy cut is not only practical but enhances your pup’s youthful charm.

Benefits of the Puppy Cut

  • Reduces grooming time and effort.
  • Keeps your Yorkie cool during hot weather.
  • Works well for active Yorkies who love to play and explore.

3. The Teddy Bear Cut

Who can resist the irresistible charm of a Yorkie with a teddy bear cut? This adorable style involves leaving the hair longer all over the body, giving your furry friend a plush and huggable appearance. The teddy bear cut is perfect for Yorkies who love attention and adore cuddles.

Styling Tips

  • Regular brushing to maintain the fluffy look.
  • Use hair accessories to add flair, such as bows or clips.

“The teddy bear cut turns your Yorkie into a snuggly companion that everyone will want to cuddle with.”

4. The Top Knot

If you want to keep your Yorkie’s hair out of their eyes while still looking fabulous, the top knot is the way to go. This cute hairstyle involves gathering the hair on the top of the head into a small bun or ponytail, leaving the rest of the hair long and flowing. The top knot adds an element of style and elegance to your pup’s look.

Accessories for the Top Knot

  • Colorful scrunchies or hair ties.
  • Bows or ribbons to complement your Yorkie’s personality.
  • Be mindful of safety and ensure accessories are not too tight or uncomfortable.

5. The Mohawk Cut

If you want your Yorkie to rock a bold and edgy look, the Mohawk cut is the way to go. This hairstyle involves shaving the hair on the body short while leaving a strip of longer hair running from the forehead to the base of the tail. The Mohawk cut is ideal for Yorkies with a playful personality and those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Creative Styling with the Mohawk Cut

  • Use pet-safe hair dye to add a pop of color to the Mohawk.
  • Experiment with different lengths and shapes of the Mohawk strip.
  • Consult a professional groomer for precise styling.

6. The Summer Trim

When the temperature rises, your Yorkie will appreciate a cool summer trim. This cut involves trimming their hair shorter all over the body, keeping them comfortable during the hot months. The summer trim is practical and reduces the risk of your pup overheating.

Sun Protection for Yorkies

  • Apply pet-safe sunscreen to protect exposed areas.
  • Use lightweight clothing or doggy sun hats for additional sun protection.
  • Provide plenty of fresh water and shade during outdoor activities.

7. The Lion Cut

Transform your Yorkie into the king or queen of the household with the majestic lion cut. This regal hairstyle involves shaving the body hair short while leaving a luxurious mane around the head, resembling a lion’s mane. The lion cut is a fun and unique option for Yorkies who love to command attention.

Maintenance and Grooming for the Lion Cut

  • Regular brushing to prevent matting in the mane.
  • Keep the mane trimmed to a manageable length.
  • Consult a professional groomer for the best results.

8. The Pixie Cut

For Yorkies who want a chic and stylish haircut, the pixie cut is a popular choice. This trendy style involves keeping the hair on the body short and leaving longer strands around the head and ears. The pixie cut brings out your Yorkie’s natural beauty and gives it a fashionable flair.

Styling Tips for the Pixie Cut

  • Use pet-friendly hair gel or mousse to add texture and hold.
  • Experiment with different parting styles to find the perfect look.
  • Regular trims to maintain the desired length.

9. The Bowtie Cut

With the bowtie cut, your Yorkie will be ready to attend any special occasion in style. This charming haircut involves trimming the hair on the body shorter and leaving longer strands on the head and neck, resembling a bowtie. The bowtie cut adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your pup’s appearance.

Enhancing the Bowtie Look

  • Attach a small fabric or decorative bowtie around your Yorkie’s neck.
  • Add a touch of color to the bowtie with non-toxic pet-safe dye.
  • Regular grooming to maintain the shape and length of the cut.

10. The Show Cut

Reserved for the most glamorous Yorkies, the show cut demands attention and admiration. This intricate and precise cut follows breed-specific standards and involves maintaining long, flowing hair all over the body. While the show cut requires regular maintenance, the result is a stunning and head-turning Yorkie.

Professional Grooming for the Show Cut

  • Seek the expertise of a professional groomer experienced in show cuts.
  • Regular brushing and coat care to prevent matting.
  • Consider entering your Yorkie in dog shows to showcase their stunning appearance.

“With the show cut, your Yorkie becomes a true showstopper, enchanting everyone with their beauty and grace.”


When it comes to haircut ideas for Yorkies, the options are limitless. From the classic cut to the show-stopping show cut, you now have a wide variety of hairstyles to choose from. Remember to consider your pup’s personality, comfort, and maintenance requirements when selecting a haircut. Embrace your creativity and give your Yorkie a look that will make heads turn wherever they go. Happy grooming!

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