5 Parrots That Make Great Apartment Companions


Imagine coming home to the lively chatter and vibrant colors of parrots in your apartment. Parrots make fantastic companions with their intelligence, playful nature, and ability to mimic human speech. While some parrot species may not be suitable for apartment living due to their loud calls or larger space requirements, several delightful parrots thrive in apartment environments. In this article, we will explore five parrot species that make excellent apartment companions, highlighting their unique characteristics, adaptability, and how they can enrich your life in a cozy urban setting.

1. Budgerigar

The Budgerigar, more commonly known as the Budgie or Parakeet, tops the list as one of the most popular and apartment-friendly parrots worldwide. These small parrots from Australia possess a charming and affectionate nature, making them ideal companions for individuals or families living in apartments.

Adaptability and Size

One of Budgie’s greatest attributes is its adaptability. Their small size, measuring around 7 inches in length, makes them easily manageable in apartment spaces. Budgies thrive in compact cages, and their playful nature ensures they can keep themselves entertained even in limited living quarters.

Intelligence and Trainability

Budgies are highly intelligent and trainable. You can teach them tricks, such as playing with toys or performing simple tasks, which make for rewarding bonding experiences. Their ability to mimic human speech adds an extra layer of entertainment.

Colors and Varieties

Budgies come in a wide array of vibrant colors, such as blue, yellow, green, and white, which can brighten up any apartment. Additionally, their charming chirps and melodious songs can create a soothing atmosphere within your living space.

2. Pacific Parrotlet

The Pacific Parrotlet is a small yet lively parrot species originating from South America. Despite their small stature, they possess big personalities and make delightful companions for apartment dwellers.

Low Noise Level

One of the standout qualities of Pacific Parrotlets is their relatively low noise level compared to larger parrot species. Their calls are more pleasant chirps and melodic trills rather than disruptive screeches, which is crucial for maintaining peace in an apartment setting.

Independent Nature

Pacific Parrotlets are known for their independent nature and ability to keep themselves entertained. While they still enjoy social interaction with their human companions, they are content playing with toys and exploring their environments, making them an ideal choice for those with busy lifestyles.

Affectionate and Bonding Opportunities

These small parrots can form deep bonds with their owners, eagerly seeking affection and enjoying gentle head scratches. Their charming and cheeky behaviors make every interaction an absolute delight.

3. Lovebird (Agapornis)

Lovebirds, with their captivating colors and affectionate nature, have garnered a dedicated fan base among apartment dwellers. These small parrots from Africa are known for their loyal and loving personalities, making them perfect for those seeking a close bond with their feathered friends.

Social and Interactive Creatures

Lovebirds thrive on social interaction and companionship. They form deep bonds with their human companions and appreciate spending time out of their cage, perched on a shoulder, or enjoying playtime together. In apartment settings, lovebirds can become cherished members of the family, offering endless affection.

Playful Personalities

Lovebirds are renowned for their playful and mischievous behaviors. Providing them with a variety of toys and enrichment activities is essential for keeping their curious minds engaged and their spirits high.

Colorful and Expressive

One cannot help but be captivated by the vibrant plumage and expressive faces of lovebirds. With their stunning colors and adorable gestures, they add a touch of visual delight to any apartment environment.

4. Cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus)

Cockatiels, native to Australia, are renowned for their gentle nature, charming personalities, and their ability to whistle catchy tunes. These medium-sized parrots have rightfully earned their spot as one of the most popular apartment companions.

Gentle and Docile Demeanor

Cockatiels are known for their sweet and gentle nature, making them fantastic companions for families and individuals living in apartments. They thrive in calm and peaceful environments, bringing a sense of tranquility to any living space.

Mimicking and Vocal Skills

One of the most remarkable traits of cockatiels is their talent for mimicry and their pleasant vocal abilities. They can fluently imitate various sounds, including human speech, melodies, and even household noises. Their endearing vocalizations add a unique charm to apartment living.

Interactive and Affectionate

Cockatiels readily bond with their human companions and enjoy being part of their daily activities. They eagerly seek interaction, whether it’s learning new tricks, cuddling, or simply perching on their owner’s shoulder.

5. Canary-winged parakeet

The Canary-Winged Parakeet, also known as the White-Winged Parakeet, is a charming and lesser-known parrot species that thrives in apartment living environments.

Calm and Quieter Nature

Canary-winged parakeets have a naturally calm and peaceful disposition, which makes them an excellent fit for apartment living. While they do vocalize and chirp, their calls are typically softer and more melodic, offering a pleasant soundscape without causing disturbance.

Compact Size and Adaptability

With their modest size and adaptability, Canary-Winged Parakeets settle comfortably within apartment spaces. They enjoy exploring their surroundings and are content with a variety of toys and branches to keep them engaged.

Affection and Socialization

These parakeets are social and thrive on attention and affection from their human companions. Their gentle and loveable nature makes them endearing apartment companions who are always eager to be part of their owner’s daily routine.


Living in an apartment should not deter you from enjoying the colorful, intelligent, and captivating world of parrots. While not all parrot species are suitable for apartment living, the Budgerigar, Pacific Parrotlet, Lovebird, Cockatiel, and Canary-Winged Parakeet prove to be excellent companions for urban dwellers. These parrots bring joy, companionship, and a touch of nature into the cozy confines of apartment living, making them delightful additions to any avian enthusiast’s home. So, why not add a splash of beauty, laughter, and colorful feathers to your apartment life with one of these wonderful parrot companions?

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